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P1040234-miniWhen your fishing season starts or ends, is often dependent on you in San Carlos. The fishing is good year-round! There are different seasons, but sometimes it’s tough to tell when one stops and the other begins, or vice-versa. For me, a local resident and fishing guide, the season is year-round. For other less fortunate fishermen, their season is when they can make it here. That’s where you need to learn what season you’re in.

The fish don’t follow dates, they follow the bait and water preferences. In the winter of 2015/16, the striped marlin basically never left, as temperatures barely ever dropped below their comfort threshold. They bit good in extremely close, down to 68 degree water. The tuna too were found into the new year. That warm El Nino winter was the exception and not the norm though. We have no ‘legal’ seasons, so water temperature is the major factor.

Usually the first Pacific northwest front start to whip up strong cool dry winds in October. We can sometimes see the anchovy hatch go on the menu when the water cools into the mid-70’s. The Sierra Mackerel bite begins, along with the first Bonita and Yellowtail. The Sailfish leave first, followed by the Dorado, and lastly the Striped Marlin. Sometimes you can catch the winter species in close and the summer pelagics farther out, sometimes they’ll be mixed together, sometimes the change is fast, and sometimes it is slow. It is often still hot into the first or second week of October, before summer loosens its grip. This is my favorite time, as the water is clear, the billfish bunch up, the big Blue and Black Marlin can be around, numerous 10-15# dorado can be found on current breaks, summer storm debris, or around schooling bait, sierra, bonita and yellowtail start to show, and often the tuna are running.

Winter is usually marked by the arrival of yellowtail. Many sierra and bonita are caught in close between the marinas in November and October. Small to large yellowtail can be found off and on in close into May. Many fishermen love the convenience of a very short run to the fish with often bountiful catches that are found early in the season. The water is fishable most days before the afternoon winds pick up. We brave the chilly mornings with a fleece sometimes for the first hour, and if you stay too long you might get a little spray from the wind chop. Small boats work perfect this time of year, and trolling around boiling fish is usually the modus operetta. Jigging is often very effective, and not too painful in the shallow water.

The Spring is usually marked by fewer fish in close, though not always. The winds let up and more boats opt for bottom fishing for their catch. Afternoon bites after the low tide get better. Isla San Pedro starts to shine, with 20-30# yellowtail starting the spawn. Trolling wire line is sometimes the call, as well as jigging. The battles are spectacular for these strong fish! The last few years we have experienced an amazing surface bite at times. This fishing can be adictive, but short-lived. This last year the fish were found up the coast. Fish move around, and thankfully here we all share information.

As the water clears up and warms into the 70’s, the Striped Marlin are the first to return in April or May. The dorado move in small in 73 degree water, with big ones in 75-78 degree water. The tuna can often make an early appearance. Sailfish move in in 75 degree water, often biting better than the marlin initially. Sometimes productive pelagic sargasso is abundant bringing in lots of dorado, and sometimes as with the last few ‘El Nino’ summers there has been very little. We have had some exceptional years for billfish, as good as the best locations in the world. We don’t get the big ones that much, but I can think of no better place to catch your first billfish.

The fishing here is world-class. It is often uncrowded with calm conditions. Usually only short runs are required. There is often an abundance of marine life to be seen. Not to say that anything is ever guaranteed, but that’s fishing. San Carlos should be on the map of world-class fishing locations, but we’ll be content with keeping that our secret. I’m letting you know, so come take advantage of it.


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