San Carlos Beaches

AlgadonesALGODONES BEACH “Cotton Beach”

Algodones means COTTON in Spanish, this is the perfect name because of it’s white sandy beach.   Algodones is located on the north/west side of the city of San Carlos.  Many gated ocean front communities are located in this area,  Marina Real, Marina Vista, Vista Real, Algodones Residential, Costa del Mar, Puesta del Sol and  Villas California.    These  gated communities not only have the beautiful ocean views but they have the back drop and breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre mountains.   Algodones beach also has  one of the smoothest sand dunes for your  four wheel adventures.


Catch 22 BeachCATCH 22 BEACH

The next stretch of beach between the two hotels though part of Algadones is also calledCatch 22 Beach.  The reason for this name is that in 1970, San Carlos was on the big screen and was made famous as the motion picture location of Joseph Heller’s best selling novel “Catch-22”,directed by Mike Nichols, based on World War II and filmed in this desert aquatic landscape.  It is still possible to see the Paramount Pictures ruins of the airport and of the constructions used in filming along the desert path from the Hotel San Carlos Plaza toward the Hotel Paradiso.Catch the movie  trailor and be sure to notice Teta Kawi mountains in the back drop. Click Here

piedras pintas beachPLAYA  PIEDRA  PINTAS BEACH,

Zorro beach, Frenchy’s Cove or Lalo Cove”

This is a beautiful cove covered with speckled rocks, per the name.  It is located on the north/west area below the Teta Kawi mountain, it is a great place for snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking.   It’s a really nice, easily accessible pebble beach stretching for  a few miles and protected by the northerly winds.   “The Mask of Zorro” was filmed in this cove, which has been considered one of the highest-budget movies ever produced in Mexico. Its producers “Tri-Star Pictures” chose this desert-sandy beach paradise of San Carlos for the on-location construction that worked perfectly within the Piedras Pintas area. The large part of the takes were shot in the area beneath the San Carlos Scenic Overlook also known in Spanish as “El Mirador”. From the Mirador (Scenic Lookout), you will notice the pretty turquoise waters of Playa Piedra Pintas on the left at the base of the lookout.   Catch the movie trailor. Click Here



This  beach opens in a well protected cove from Northerly winds,this cove is called Shangri-La or even, Pirates’ Cove.   This beach is below the gated community of the Carcol Peninsula.  Caracol Peninsula is a subdivision high on a hill that host beautiful homes with Amazing Ocean Views and the Bay of San Carlos.   On the East side of this cove is Pelicanos subdivision that host Beautiful Luxury Ocean front homes.

There is very good snorkeling in this area, and a good place for kayaking.   To arrive at this beach location turn to go to the Marina Terra Hotel and just keep going straight to the water.  You will reach the parking lot of the Marina Terra Beach Club.  You can rent kayaks, paddle boats from the attendants.  A great place for parties and weddings.

La Posada beachLA POSADA BEACH ,

The big beautiful beach is very popular by the locals as well as tourist.   This beach has a fine pebble beach and you will find nice swells to body surf in the summer months.

La Posada condominiums are located at this beach with nice condos for sale or rentals available for your stay.     La Posado Beach is also surrounded by other great subdivision, Caracol Turistico that over looks the beach as well as the subdivision of Villa Hermosa.

You can reach this beach easy enough as it is located in the center of town.  Just look for the  La Posada Condominium sign, turn toward the ocean and drive up to the parking lot towards the right by La Palapa restaurant.

The La Palapa Restaurant has a Greek flair menu that is fabulous with music entertainment in the evening.  A must stop while in San Carlos.


This is a beach close to my heart as it is close to my home.  San Francisco beach is approx 4 mile long, starting from Charlies Rock to Pilar Condominiums.   This beach in almost untouched by homes and condos and starts with small rocks & pebbles and ends in the sandy beach  in front of Bahia Delfin Condominiums and Pilar Condominiums.  You will find beautiful sonoran colored rocks, pretty shells and good swimming.   You can always spot dolphins feeding or playing early in the morning and early afternoon,  they swim quite close to shore, so keep your eyes open and your camera ready.  At the far south/east beach is the opening of the El Soldado Estuary, where it is shallow water and a great place to boogy board, body surf and play in the water.


El Soldado is a large, mangrove-lined brackish body of water that connects to the east end of San Francisco Bay.  It’s a great place for walking, kayaking, clam-digging and bird watching.  Birds that have been spotted include, both Black and Turkey Vultures, Loggerhead Shrike, Black-throated, Lark, White-crowned, Chipping and Lincoln Sparrows, Green-tailed Towhee, American Kestrel and Yellow-rumped, Orange-crowned Warblers,White Pelicans, White Ibis, many herons, night-herons and egrets, Reddish Egret and Little Blue Heron. Other common sightings include American Oystercatcher, Osprey (Mexican Sea Eagle), Pacific Loon, Red-breasted Merganser, Bufflehead and Black Skimmer. Caspian, Forster’s and Royal Terns continuously fish the water, competing with Brown Pelicans in an ongoing diving display.   Fifty or more species of birds can easily be recorded on a single outing at the estuary.  A great place to spend the day Kayaking and some bird watching.
Cochorit beach


Cochorit beach is a nice secluded beach situated only 25min south drive from San Carlos, south of  Guaymas, just pass empalme. To get there, follow the road to Empalme and take the right turn when you see the sign “Cohorit Beach”.    You can find many different shells here and walk for miles.  Be sure to visit the Empalme Orphanage on your way back.  The orphanage is located on the south side of the road leading to the beach.   They are always in need of food and clothing or a helping hand and HUG!


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