Teta Kawi Mountains

IMG_0021The Teta Kawi Mountain is the most notable peak in San Carlos it is called the Tetakawi or Teta de Cabra, which appears to have two horns.  This mountain is the symbol of San Carlos Sonora Mexico, it reaches 200 meters from sea level.   The Guaymas/San Carlos area was the home to many Indian tribes.   The Guaima Indians occupied the Guaymas area, per the name.  The Seris Indians depended on  the sea for their major sustenance, they were fisherman and hunters.  They would make their camps on the shores, to hunt or obtain fresh water and travel great distances.   The Seris Indians territory was  from Guaymas Bay to about seventy-five miles north of Tiburón Island, and inland almost to Hermosillo.    The Yaqui tribe held the land along the Yaqui River, with most of their villages located south of the Teta Mountain as far south as Obregon.   It is well known that in the Indian culture it was common to name Landmarks, Mountains, Hills and Islands to what they resembled or some special meaning.   Both the Yaqui and Seri Indians considered the tetas to be sacred.  The Yaquis named it, “Tecalai,” meaning, Dragon’s tongue.  The Seri Indians named the mountain, “Stone Mountain.”   The name was changed to “Tetas de Kawi” ny the Spanish speaking settlers and is now called the Tetas de Cabre.” Meaning “goats teats” in Spanish, which it is supposed to resemble the tits of a goat.   The Indians believed that the mountains held  mystical powers for the spirits of warriors that so valiantly defended its shores.  Some say that these mountains have many mystical powers, in my opinion they do.

The mystical beauty of these mountains is also the power of God and and his Beauty.  They will draw you in and mystify you with their beauty.  Come see for yourself the Beauty of San Carlos Sonora Mexico and our beautiful magical mystical area. Many visitors and locals hike the 200 meter climb to the top of the mountain to view the beautiful sites of the ocean.  Yes that is ME on that peak of the majestic Teta kawi Mountain top.   For more information please feel free to fill out contact form below.

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